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Once again, I was feeling bored. So I decided to take a look at what's on the news. For some odd reason or another, the first choice that came to my mind was The Straits Times. So I went to their website, read a few summaries here and there, and just when I got interested in a particular article and decided to click the link, I got this blasted notification which just makes my blood boil. Guess what. The Straits Times is the only online English news source in Singapore that requires you to subscribe in order to access its contents online.

For your information, the rates are:

For print edition subscribers

• Six-month subscription at S$36 ($6/month)
• 12-month subscription at S$60 ($5/month)
• 24-month subscription at S$102 ($4.25/month)

For non-print edition subscribers
• One-month subscription at S$15
• Six-month subscription at S$72 ($12/month)
• 12-month subscription at S$120 ($10/month)
• 24-month subscription at S$204 ($8.5/month)

Unbelievable. But it's true. TODAYonline is more than willing to provide you with its print version online. It even takes the effort to make its page user-friendly so you can click through it as if you're flipping through a real paper instead of having to scroll around. Channel News Asia has no qualms about providing a free online service either, it even has some nice ads for it to earn money from. And most importantly, even the ELECTRIC New Paper doesn't charge 12 bucks a month.

Well, what can I say? It's quite clear that The Straits Times feels rather confortable with its huge market share in Singapore through its print edition. With around 1mil subscriptions a year, it no doubt has the largest market share in Singapore. But that's for the print edition. To The Straits Times, wake up your idea, print editions are a thing of the past. Even the government has recognised the importance of the internet and set up AIMS. Straits Times, you're being left behind.

Simply inconceivable.


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