The Foreign Talent Irony

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In order to justifty their policy on Foreign Talent, the government has often mentioned that native-born citizens are simply either not creative enough or lack the necessary skills. This message has been repeated so often, that sometimes I wonder, what value could there possibly be in discrediting your OWN citizens, educated under your self-professed WORLD CLASS education system.

One thing I know for sure, is that creativity and many other virtues that employers look out for when considering job applications are quite subjective yardsticks, yardsticks that can be influenced consciously or unconsciously by stereotypes or other forms of biased perceptions. Now, given that employers probably read the newspaper too, would they go - "That's utter rubbish." Maybe. But would they also start thinking - "Hmm, maybe that's true. Well I don't know for sure, but to be on the safe side, I guess hiring a bunch of Westerners would be safer."

By constantly claiming that Singaporeans are simply less creative or less skilled, the government is only discrediting their own education system, and lowering the value of Singaporean workers in the eyes of employers local or foreign. Together with the existing bias that Asians are less creative etc, such messages are making it increasingly difficult for Singaporeans to prove otherwise because they are denied the opportunities to do so.

Now, if it is indeed true that foreigners are more creative, then there's no real harm done since more creative people = flourishing economy. But the question is, are they truly more creative? Or does the government's policy of systemically discrediting Singaporeans' creativity prevent the truly creative from getting the jobs they deserve, or even become a self-fulfilling prophecy by discouraging workers?

I really don't know, but personally, my ego hasn't been taking this creativity nonsense too well. I don't know about yours.

Another irony
Another ironic thing I just thought of is this - Foreign talents help create jobs, but what's the point if all these jobs simply go back to more foreign talents? Yes, many jobs have been created over the years, but so has the rate of immigration.


Anonymous said...

"The government has often been mentioned that native-born citizens are simply either not creative enough or they lack the necessary skills", n yet we are educated under their education system. This indirectly telling the employers that our local graduates is not good to be employed, so of course they look for the FTs. The govment is slapping his own face.

Anonymous said...

It is very true that "that native-born citizens are simply either not creative enough or they lack the necessary skills"

You see, even the government can't creatively come out a better lie themselves when they subject themselve to Singapore rules and education. They keep repeating the same old pathetic reason again and again to justify their lies. The only difference between the government and layman is that they are not subjected for replacement by FT if they are not creative, and lacking the necessary skills. Rather they still continue to sing the same old tune of mee siam mai hum.

Anonymous said...

what rubbish is he talkng about.. he was educated in UK himself... so it show's that FT training did him no good as well ! DUH

but the essence is correct.. this is the only country in the world where their own government tells the world how useless it's people are.

66.6% do continue your folly, because you are selling out the future of your own children.

Anonymous said...

Well, this is a government that has to make you look stupid and inept in order to make them look smart and worthy of millions !

Anonymous said...

to those 66.6%: wake up from your complacency before we become an aliennation... think - they are already among us!

cy said...

Yea, the sad thing is, the government has probably succeeded, and the hardest hit people are the lower classes. In fact, our GINI coeffecient indicates a wider income gap than China! China which has a rural-urban divide that we supposedly don't. China that experienced double digit rapid economic growth as compared to our steady growth all this time.

Anonymous said...

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joshuakums said...

When you want absolute unbridled control over your people, you have to constantly talk down to them to make them feel like worst then dirt. Only then can you have walkovers after walkovers in the general election every 5 years. The problem with us Singaporeans is that we are convinces beyond a shadow of a doubt is that the PAP will always be our judge and executer. Having been a Singaporean for the last 43 years I have very little hope that by fellow Singaporeans will want to lift the yoke of servitude of the Masters of Us (You know who).